I was asked to put into words what Trinity Lutheran School means to me and I’ve found that it’s a lot harder than I anticipated. How do you say what kind of impact 9+ years in one place had on your life? TLS was a stepping stone to my future and is something that cannot be easily explained. 
I attended Trinity from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Being an athlete during that time fueled my passion for sports all the way through high school, and beyond. My parents instilled an unmatched work ethic in me, but I learned in school what it took to reach the highest standards of education, a commitment that allowed me to eventually graduate with High Honors from Michigan State University.

However, the thing I have gained from TLS that means the most to me is my faith. I was raised in a Christian household; we went to church, Sunday School, and VBS, but there is nothing quite like the experience of being in a classroom everyday that focuses on teaching God’s Word. My faith strengthened tremendously as I got older, but I credit TLS with laying down a foundation for my relationship with Jesus Christ. They played a part in the person I am today, and I believe in my heart that every child should be given the same opportunity to have Jesus at the center of their lives through education. 

Amanda Forraht