Research Family Life Ministry position to relay back to congregation in order to determine if a Family Life Ministry Call Committee should be formed.  Determine how this program/ministry would play out for our congregation.  

Education within group, communicate back to the congregation.  

Save time once a Call Committee has been generated.

The group will research, discuss, then report back to the congregation.  Determine the cost and viability of the program option for our church.  Will likely transform into the actual Call Committee should that be the determination of the congregation.


Family Life Minister will come with experiences and a package based on major, minor, coursework.  

As we continue our research the question may arise related to our need--Associate Pastor or Family Life Minister.


  • If we don’t minister to the people we will lose members

  • The dynamic of the church is changing--older are dying, younger are leaving, families with small children will leave if do not offer dynamic programming that fits their needs

    • Gather into one room together is not the norm any longer

  • Board of Christian Discipleship leader

    • Our current education and fellowship “programming” isn’t going to sustain the spiritual growth of our members or the growth of our congregation

    • Youth leaders resigning, need a driving force/leader

    • New groups, small groups, continually changing groups are necessary

  • Energetic leader for short term volunteers

    • We have groups that have been status-quo for extended time without bringing new life, new members or even new groups

  • Pastor’s job is to minister spiritually, Trustees manage the building, Financial boards to manage the money, School board for education needs of the school but NOTHING for fellowship and families

    • The BCD is working to this end but needs leadership, time, resources, abilities, talents

  • Intergenerational ministries--Each level/age/need of parishioners having services with an overall consideration for the intergenerational connection


Would this position work to encourage more participation on Boards?  Not necessarily but more to the effect of changing the atmosphere within the church.  FL Minister will facilitate the intergenerational healing, guiding, training, teaching, etc.  The senior pastor, Elders, Council will assist in the training and transition.  The FL Minister would assist in appropriate areas at the school (religion class, parenting class, camp, VBS, etc) but would not play a full-time role within the school.  


Concordia Ann Arbor Program


Life Family Ministry requires a focus in one of several options.  

  • We will need to determine which focus is most appropriate for our particular needs


May or may not be certified/licensed in education, social work, etc.  Depends on their education and experiences.  

“Minister” is a term used to denote a group of people working with members but not in a pastoral capacity.  This person is not ordained, does not come from the seminary program.



Jennifer at district (MI has 380 churches, largest district of MiSyn)

-65-75 churches have a DCE/FLM

 --15-20 intern

 --30-50 called lay workers

-1/4-½ of churches in district have some sort of person working in this capacity

-Ann Arbor is only place offering coursework

--Question:What are the sizes of these congregations

--Average starting salary?  $35,000 was our assumption (standard formula for teachers?)



Dr. Steven Christopher (leaving in 2 weeks for California)

 --Sent title at Concordia, intern papers sent

-Speak to Pastor Walther (was Pastor at St. Joe)

 --Patrice will call and check into a meeting time, ask when he is available this summer.

-Intern to begin in January (6 months), stay with Family, $1000 per month (meals and transportation)

 --Ask about health care coverage




5 students are looking currently for internships

Will present current info to church


Research Links and Information